American Federation for Medical Accreditation

The AFMA Advantage

AFMA certifications are widely accepted by hospitals in the United States and abroad. The standards for education and training related to AFMA certifications meet or exceed the requirements for other organizations, and there are tremendous advantages to AFMA Certification:

  • Exams (written and oral) scheduled at your convenience
  • No application deadlines
  • AFMA accreditation fees are lower than other accrediting organizations
  • No maintenance of certification (MOC) process is required for AFMA accreditation
  • Recertification process with AFMA is designed to be less cumbersome

At AFMA, we are fellow medical professionals who appreciate the time constraints highly specialized physicians face, and we have endeavored to design our accreditation and recertification process to accommodate those priorities and concerns. The written portion of our certification examinations can be taken at the convenience of your own home, office, or wherever Internet access is available. The exams can also be scheduled to fit your busy practice, even on weekends or holidays.

International Physicians and Surgeons

With a long history in accreditation, the AFMA and its Boards welcome internationally trained physicians and surgeons with appropriate experience to apply for our certifications. We are dedicated to providing robust comparable examinations so that medical professionals with our certifications can excel within the American healthcare system.

Our Certifications